Potluck at Kentucky Derby Chow Wagon - 2016

You have just entered the site of the Potluck Ramblers and we are so glad you did.  The three original Potluck Ramblers met at a Potluck Dinner, thus our name.  But the name is also descriptive of the kind of music we play.  We are constantly looking for music we can shape to our style and that would include most every kind of music imaginable.  One time we'll be playing a 1920's blues tune and the next, we've taken one of the old classic rock & roll numbers and made it ours.  

We have posted music on our site for you to hear (note above).  Most of the recordings were made at practice and were recorded in less than ideal conditions.  However, you can get the idea of what we do and how we do it.  

Much of the music on this site is either traditional or written by a Rambler.  Jim Cowles is both the lead singer and the band leader and is a songwriter as well.  You'll find some of his solo work on this site.  The band has several different iterations, but no matter who is playing, you'll be hearing great musicians.  

The above picture is of the band during a Kentucky Derby Chow Wagon performance and from the top of the picture, includes Bob Bush, our bass player and musicologist, Ted Harlan, our sometimes mandolin player, Band Leader,

Jim Cowles, Eddie Hysinger, our harps and dobro player and Jim Allen on banjo.

We are also pleased to have various other players at times, including Tom Cunningham on fiddle, Chip Bush on mandolin, Kyle Ellison on banjo, Marty Miller on bass and Blue Murphy on bass.  All of these players are a part of the Potluck mix from time to time and we are proud to have them.  

We encourage you to look around and learn more about the band at it's players.  We also hope you will take the time to let us know you stopped by.  Just click on this link and tell us a little about yourself:  Jimfolk@twc.com 

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